The exteriors

Savour and dream in a green setting of 13 hectares. Half wood, half meadow, the whole, an integral part of the Pyrenean foothills, all in roundness and softness, aspires to serenity, calm, well-being , to meet around the bowling alley for an aperitif, by the swimming pool for idleness, on the tennis court for the most active players, or simply to stroll, breathe, meditate in the entire forests of the property.

We wanted to develop this nature for your comfort, and also to let this ecosystem live around it to welcome you in a living space where each inhabitant expresses a life of its own: deer, insects of all kinds, wild orchids, horses, our basset hound Popeye , a stream on rainy days, plum, pear and fig trees, a large lime tree under which to take your meals, cherry trees, wisteria, multiple spaces, terraces, a secret corner set up for lovers of nature and the mild climate of the Pyrenean foothills.