The breakfast

What more beautiful moment than the one that awakens body, soul and mood to start a new day of relaxation with spirit.

Sharing with you this privileged moment, breakfast. A whole family mobilised around this moment to satisfy all appetites, to make you discover the best of the local products around the table of hosts in the shelter of the hundred-year-old lime tree of the Bellamant House.Homemade cakes of the day concocted by our daughters, jam, homemade honey, freshly baked bread made from leavened wheat, curdled milk and cottage cheese from the farm, whole milk from the farm for the purists, local butter, local cheeses, scrambled eggs with crispy smoked bacon and herbs from the garden, freshly squeezed fruit juice, fruit salad of the day and hot drinks will be offered to you. This moment will be different every day depending on the products, the mood and the weather.
If you have a particular desire, you can count on us to create a dish that meets your wishes.

Everything will be prepared at the minute to guarantee freshness and flavour.