Visit the region

South of Toulouse and the Haute-Garonne, we enter a region of pastures, hills, a green and wooded area with the Pyrenees chain as a horizon. Several small picturesque villages deserve to be visited.

It is the case of Aurignac, a perched village with a particular charm with its streets lined with medieval and Renaissance houses and a castle with its dungeon. The village gave its name to a period of the Paleolithic era: the Aurignacian period, since it is here, in 1860, that traces of human occupancy were discovered in a shelter by Edouard Lartet. A forum museum of the Aurignacian period is dedicated to Homo-Sapiens

Less than 30 minutes

  • The Aurignacian museum and the castle of Martres Tolozane
  • The arboretum of Cardeilhac, on 13 hectares a hundred different species
  • The Gallo-Roman villa of Montmaurin, one of the largest villas in Gaul, with at the time 200 rooms, surrounded by buildings on a twenty-hectare site.
  • Saint Gaudens, capital of Comminges to visit the collegiate church of Saint-Pierre, a medieval building dedicated to the young martyr who was beheaded in 475 because of his faith.
  • The Gaulish village
  • Archéosite de Rieux-Volvestre
  • Artistic circuit between Samatan and Simorre
  • Hiking trail in the Pyrenean foothills

Less than an hour

  • Toulouse capital of the region
  • Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges: An architectural marvel - The highest place of art and history in the central Pyrenees
  • The market of Saint-Girons, the meeting point of the producers of the Couserans mountain
  • Saint-Lizier among the great Occitanie sites and at the Unesco
  • Mas-d'Azil cave and the Magdalenian museum of prehistory
  • Sansan paleosite, one of the three most famous sites in the world
  • Market and hikes in the Haut-Adour - bagnères-de-Bigorre Hike to mount Valier to dominate Spain
  • Make your own bread - Nailloux The lake of Thésauque - Nailloux

More than an hour

  • The cathedral of Sainte Cécile - Albi
  • Medieval city of Carcassonne
  • The sanctuaries of Notre-Dame de Lourdes
  • Pic du Midi
  • National Park of the Pyrenees on 6 valleys at the Unesco
  • World Heritage The paintings of the Niaux caves date back 140 centuries
  • Foix castle and the Cathars
  • Prehistory park - Tarascon-sur-Ariège